We can help stay mentally active. Research shows that brain activities and puzzles help to exercise the brain and improve vitality. Click on the link below to learn more from the Alzheimer's Association.

The Alz App is only available on iPad. Download it today for FREE!

Alzheimer's Caregiver's app for iPad

- Two game types: Play regular word search or add your friends and family and find their names for a twist.

- Regular word search: Thousands of words to find.

- Name search: Find your friends and family and see their faces appear.

- Three levels of difficulty.

​​​What is The Alz App?

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Privacy Policy: The Alz App does not collect or store any user data. All images are saved natively and inaccessible by The Alz App. We do not sell or provide user data to anyone. This is strictly a free app for ABSOLUTELY free use. 

AlzApp is a collection of games designed to help people with Alzheimer’s bond with their loved ones and caregivers. Play a twist on the classic word search game and find the names of your friends and family within word search puzzles of varying difficulty.

How To Play